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I Shot my Love, from Tomer Heymann

I'm überexcited over this new documentary, "I Shot My Love," from Israeli filmmaker Tomer Heymann, about how his relationship with his German boyfriend, Andreas Merk, is complicated by the couple's collective German and Jewish ancestry. The film debuted last Saturday at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival, running from 11-21 February. Check out the trailer below.

From JTA: "German-Israeli love affairs are not uncommon. Many Germans of the first postwar generation visited Israel, fell in love and settled down with Israelis.

Heymann, 39, and Merk, 31, are different because they are of the second generation, and they are gay.

When Merk says on camera that he never asked his grandparents about their past during the Nazi era, Heymann wants to know why.

"I was afraid," Merk answers. "Maybe that's why I didn’t ask."

Stories like these, in my very humble opinion, represent the future (and for some, evidently, the present) of humankind, where people, despite our differences, cross cultures, languages, histories, and international borders, all for the sake of love.

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