Thessaloniki LGBTI Cultural Panorama, Greece 2011

With the films:   I Shot My Love  -   Paper Dolls  -   It Kinda Scares Me  

Audience Award

for Paper Dolls

According to the voting of the audience, this documentary film has been awarded with the first prize

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A Tribute to three of Tomer Heymann's films:

Thursday, the 5th May, 18.00: "Paper dolls".

Saturday, the 7th of May, 22.00: "I shot my love", 23.00h to 23.30h Discussion with the film director- Tomer Heymann , 23.00: "It kinda scares me".

Sunday, the 8th of May, 18.00: "I shot my love", 19.00h: "It kinda scares me", 20.00 to 20.30h Discussion with the film director.

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