16th Festival de Cinema Judaico de São Paulo 2012

With the films:   למלכה אין כתר  -   סוף לסיפור  -   I Shot My Love  -   שומרוני בודד  -   גשר על הואדי  -   Paper Dolls  -   תומר והשרוטים  -   הריקוד של אלפונסו  -   אביב  -   הכפר שלי  

Films by Tomer Heyman & Barak Heymann, both guests of honor of the Festival. They will attend all screenings, and be available for Q&A thereafter.

THE HEYMANN BROTHERS- CASTING OUTCASTS by Hugo Casarini (retrospective curator)

My first contact with the Heymann brothers’ work was in Berlin, in 2006, at the Festival where the movie Paper Dolls, directed by Tomer Heymann, won an award. In the same year, I still had the chance of bringing the movie Bridge over the Wadi, co-directed by both brothers, to the São Paulo Jewish Film Festival. The theme usually chosen by the Heymann brothers brings something quite disturbing, something that has always been there, right next to us, which we do not talk about, that we do not want to see. Something that is not usually subject. The orthodox old Jewish that is taken care by the Philippine homosexual, the intolerance between Israel and Palestine inhabitants that already begins in their childhoods, the drug addicts from the little Israeli village... Made in a dramatic way and without big formal adornments, the Heymann brothers’ documentaries bring this reality that is laid aside our center of vision. There is no narrative experimentation that makes the understanding harder – or that makes easier for us to leave the room. In these ten movies, the facts emerge. Naked. Raw. Definitive. I am very honored and proud to have organized, together with the São Paulo Jewish Film Festival, this retrospective, which is the biggest Heymann Brothers’ retrospective ever made so far. Say hello to the inclusion of the outcasts.

Translated by Felipe Lorca

São Paulo Jewish Film Festival, August 8-16 2012.

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