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Heymann Brothers Films has been operating for over a decade and specializes in long term documentary projects with a social and political orientation, as well as very personal ones. The company was founded by Tomer Heymann, one of the leading documentary directors in Israel.Tomer & Barak In
2001 he created “It Kinda Scares Me” which won the Academy Award in Israel, and other awards in Torino, Milan, New York, Taipei and Melbourne.

In 2003 his film "Aviv - Fucked Up Generation" came out commercially and brought a vast amount of viewers to the cinemas, as it correspondingly participated in many festivals worldwide.

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Barak Heymann joined the "Heymann Brothers Films" company in 2003 and has since directed and produced several documentary films and series. “Heymann Brothers Films” is an independent Israeli company dedicated to the release of documentaries on the social aspect of the Israeli/Jewish culture.

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Tomer Heymann was born in Kfar Yedidia in Israel in 1970 and has directed many documentary films and series in the past ten years, most of them long-term follow-ups and personal documentations. His films won major awards at different prestigious film festivals including his first film “It Kinda Scares Me”. “Paper Dolls” won three awards at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival and the audience’s award at the Los Angeles Festival. The film and TV series "Bridge over the Wadi”, co-produced with the American ITVS, won the Israeli Documentary Film competition, participated in IDFA Festival's prestigious competition and won many awards around the world. Tomer's new 8-part series "The Way Home" was recently broadcasted by the Yes Doco Channel in Israel and won the best documentary series award at the 2009 Jerusalem International Film Festival. 


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Ohad Naharin is Israel’s “rock star” choreographer, and artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company. He specializes in getting world-class dancers to move from their guts—not the mirror—by teaching them what he playfully calls “Gaga” his unique language of movement. In this dynamic close-up documentary, veteran Israeli filmmaker Tomer Heymann renders a candid portrait of the movement and the man through an in-depth look at Naharin’s rehearsal process with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet of New York City. Heymann masterfully elicits a series of “Notes on Dance”from his subject, climaxing in a denouement reminiscent of My Dinner with André in leotards and tights. See some of the world’s greatest dancers let go of everything they know as they strive to fulfill Naharin’s vision, and their own deepest desires.

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3rd Dimonana Dance Festival, Dimona, Israel 2011 Montpellier Danse, France 2011
- With the films:     I Shot My Love  -   Out of Focus  -  

MONTPELLIER DANSE, trente ans de danse en tutoyant le monde.

20 Juin - 5 Julliet, 2011

dans l’Agora, cité internationale de la danse, Montpellier, France.

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San Francisco Jewish film festival, USA 2008
- With the films:     Bridge Over the Wadi  -   Dancing Alfonso  -   Stalags - Holocaust and Pornography in Israel  -   Out of Focus  -  
Haifa International Film Festival, Israel 2007
- With the films:     Dancing Alfonso  -   Out of Focus  -   Black Over White  -  
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Dance In Israel
Ohad Naharin In America

More and more video cameras are making their way into dance studios as choreographers seek to document their work. Usually the footage remains in personal or company archives, unseen by outsiders. But the film Out of Focus offers the public a peek inside the process of Ohad Naharin, artistic director of Israel’s Batsheva Dance Company.

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Dancing Perfectly Free
Out of Focus: A Documentary on Ohad Naharin

In a small screening room at 92Y Tribeca last Thursday evening, Israeli filmmaker Tomer Heymann said that seeing Batsheva Dance Company perform for the first time felt like “the best drugs I’d ever taken”. It was the start of his fascination with Batsheva and friendship with the company’s artistic director and prolific, influential choreographer, Ohad Naharin. After documenting Naharin and Batsheva a few years ago and feeling dissatisfied with the outcome, Heymann traveled to New York in 2007 to film the choreographer as he staged Decadance for Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. The result is Out of Focus, a rare and honest glimpse at Naharin’s process in the studio over a five-day period. In spite of his hesitation about being filmed and his disinterest in the concept of documenting, Naharin is articulate, witty, and often philosophical when responding to Heymann’s admirably persistent and probing questions. The film provides the closest, most intimate glimpse of Naharin available to the public eye.

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Written and Directed by:  Tomer Heymann
Producers:  Anat Zeltzer, Naama Pyritz, Ami Amir
Editor:  Lavi Ben Gal
Cinematographer:  Itay Raziel

The film was supported by Channel 8.

Created as a part of the series "cultural heroes"